By viewing a reaction how can we know it is free radical or nucleophilic or electrophilic?Expain with an example?

Asked by Vineeth K | 9th Mar, 2015, 12:41: PM

Expert Answer:

In a nucleophilic reaction for example, in nuclephilic substitution reaction, one of the reactant is a nucleophile which substitutes nucleophilic part of another reactant. Nucleophiles can be recognized as having lone pair of electrons e.g. NH3 or having negative charge e.g.OH-. The nucleophilic reaction can be represented as follows:

In electrophilic reaction for example, in electrophilic reaction, one of the reactant is a electrophile which substitutes electrophilic part of another reactant.

Protons, metal ions or carbonyl carbon atoms are few examples of electrophiles.

Elcetrophiles attacks on the negative end of the another reactant such as lone pair of electrons in another reactant, pi bond.

Electrophilic substitution reaction can be represented as follows:

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 9th Mar, 2015, 05:49: PM

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