bulbs to grow brighter....

Asked by vagisha.tyagi1995 | 14th Aug, 2009, 05:25: PM

Expert Answer:

We would connect them in parallel.

Brightness implies more power. Higher the power dissipated across the bulb the more brighter it will be.

Consider two bulbs of each of resistance, R, and a battery with V volts.

If we connect the two bulbs in series, the equivalent resistance will be 2R and current through each of them

I = V/(2R). Hence power dissipated/delivered across one bulb P = I2R = V2/(4R).

If we connect them in parallel instead of series, equivalent resistance will be R/2. The total current will be V/(R/2) = 2V/R. This total currrent divides and one half flows through one bulb and one half through another.

Hence power disspated/delivered across one bulb in parallel arrangement = (V/R)2R =V2/R.

As it's evident that the power dissipated across the same bulb in parallel combination is FOUR TIMES the power dissipated when it's in series combination, the bulbs glow brighter if we connect them in parallel.






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