bring out the supernatural in 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' (6 marks question) 

Asked by Rajeev | 15th Mar, 2015, 09:43: PM

Expert Answer:

The poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is full of supernatural elements and strange happenings. In it, we are told that the sailors set out on their voage when the wind was calm and favourable. However, it did not take time for the weather to turn against them. The propitious weather turned ominous with the appearance of a tyrannous storm. It singled out and pursued the ship with inexplicable vengeance. after the storm, the ship got trapped in a frigid prison of icebergs with no means of escape. The place spelled doom as it emanated a greenish glow and frightening sounds. Suddenly, out of nowhere came an albatross and gave the despondent sailors hope for survival. Following the arrival of the albatross, the ship miraculously broke free from the icy maze and headed towards a calmer place. Inexplicably, as if overcome by an evil force, the mariner shot the albatross dead with his crossbow. Though they initially criticized the mariner, they eventually justified his actions. What followed was a frightening tale that sealed the fate of the perpetrator and his crew.  Once again nature turned against them in various ways. First the sun turned blood red and beat down on the sailors parching their throats. The water around the vessel thickened and slimy sea creatures emerged out of it. Frightening death-fires appeared and the water itself turned into hues of green, blue and white like witch's oil. The strange forces of nature combined with the evil deep of the mariner compounded the fate of the crew members. Thus we can see that supernatural elements play a big role in shaping the narrative of the poem.




Answered by Valentina Trindade | 16th Mar, 2015, 10:18: AM

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