Bring out the importance of dairy in Anne's life.

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When Anne Frank was given a diary on her thirteenth birthday, she wrote down the details of her life, which unknown to her went on to becaome an importannt piece of history. Like any teenager, she had difficulty confiding her inner-most thoughts. Through the diary we get acquainted with two sides of her personality; one side deals with her day-to-day problems as a teenager and other is a deep philosophical side which ponders about her existence in a war-torn land. In the first year, Anne spoke about the problems related to her struggles with the adults in the Annex. She is curious by nature and tries to make sense out of her existence. In her final entries, Anne grows into a mature person who comes to terms with her situation. She ponders about her role in the changing world and her identity as a Jewish person. Her youthful optimism along with her mature understanding regarding the gravity of her situation makes her endearing.
The crucial years of Anne’s life was marked by many problem, the biggest being anti-semitic conditions which existed during Anne’s times. The diary gives the readers a one hand experience of the nightmare called Holocaust. The Holocaust conditions caused her and her family to go into hiding. It also talks about survival, intolerance and values of human compassion even in dreaded times. Her entire diary can be summarized in terms of the following:
a)Isolation and loneliness- Anne faced problems of isolation and loneliness in hiding. She coped with it by maintaining a dairy and writing down the accounts of her daily life. She considered her diary to be her best friend and even gave it a name.
b) Growth of a person from childhood to adolescence -During the most important years of her life, she was locked away in a hideout. Anne’s constant questioning of herself led to her evolution as a mature person. At the end of the diary, she came to terms with who she has become and was sympathetic towards the helpless situation.
c) Family relationships- Anne’s admiration for her father instilled a great sense of security in her as she trusts everything he did. Though she felts a sense of disconnect with her mother, she valued her family over everything else.
d) Selfishness- Anne faced conflicts with Mrs. Van Daan who criticized her over her behaviour ways and  her relationship with her son. However, Ann, being a mature person, she found her more approachable than her mother.
e. fear of being caught, uncertainty of future- The fear of being caught loomed over the lives of the people in the annex. Anne also questioned it many times and felt guilty about their compatriots who had died. Since she was optimistic, she tried to be cheerful despite impending doom.

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