Briefly describe the the structure of an atom



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Expert Answer:

Thomson’s Model of the Atom

  • Thomson's model of an atom is popularly known as the Plum pudding or Christmas pudding model of an atom.
  • According to Thomson's Plum pudding model, an atom is a positively charged sphere in which the electrons are embedded.
  • The negative charge of the electrons and the positive charge of the sphere is equal in magnitude. Thus, an atom as a whole is electrically neutral.
  • But, his model could not explain the results of experiments carried out by other scientists such as Rutherford and Bohr.


Niels Bohr’s Atomic Model

Niels Bohr revised Rutherford’s atomic model and put forth the following suggestions:

  • Electrons were confined to clearly defined orbits.
  • Electrons do not radiate energy while revolving in the orbit.
  • They can jump between orbits but cannot freely spiral inward or outward in intermediate states.
  • An electron must absorb or emit specific amount of energy to transition between these fixed orbits

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