Briefly describe about Protista kingdom and explain?

Give brief explanation about the Monera kingdom?


Asked by kartikvns3 | 5th Apr, 2020, 08:28: PM

Expert Answer:

Characteristics of Kingdom Monera:
  • Organisms are unicellular, made of a single cell.
  • They have a prokaryotic cell structure.
  • The cell lacks a distinct nucleus. Nuclear material is organised in the form of a circular, double-stranded and helical DNA, devoid of a nuclear membrane.
  • The cytoplasm lacks well-organised cell organelles, except for ribosomes.
  • The cell wall is typicallypresent, except in Mycoplasmas.
  • The mode of nutrition is either autotrophic or heterotrophic.
  • Examples: Bacteria, Cyanobacteria, Mycoplasma 
Characteristics of Kingdom Protista:
  • Organisms contain a well-defined nucleus enclosed in a nuclear membrane and the presence of a nucleolus.
  • The protoplasm is surrounded by a plasma membrane.
  • The cytoplasm contains various cell organelles.
  • Nuclear material is organised in the formof a linear, double-stranded and helical DNA along with proteins.
  • Examples: Chlamydomonas,Euglena,Amoeba,Paramoecium,Pandorina

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 6th Apr, 2020, 11:43: AM