Body is thrown which covers a maximum height of 50m and range 25m find angle of projection????

Asked by riyaz1111 | 25th Jan, 2019, 05:22: PM

Expert Answer:

Let 'u' be the velocity of projection and (Θ) be the angle of projection , then

Range of projectile R,

R= u2 sin (2Θ)/g…………(1).

here, 'g' is the acceleration due to gravity.

We have maximum height H,

H= u2 sin(Θ)/(2g)…………(2).

Dividing equation (2) by equation (1)

H/R= tan(Θ)/4

Substituting for H and R,

50/25= tan(Θ)/4 

Tan (Θ) =8 

Θ = tan⁻¹ (8) 

Θ = 82.87o

Angle of projection is 82.87o

Answered by Science Mate | 25th Jan, 2019, 05:36: PM