below i am posting the question plz elaborate what the question is saying followed by the solution

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Expert Answer:

A particle is projected from the top of an incline as shown in the figure.

What should be the minimum horizontal speed given to the particle such that it hits the bottom without touching the incline ?
in the given problem the point P is at the bottom.
P point on the plane has coordinates=20/tan 60,20=20/?3,20
y=1/2 g t=(1/2) g x2/u2
y= x tan ?
so  gx2/2u2 =x tan ?
x=(2u2 tan ?)/g
y= x tan ?=(2u2 tan2 ?)/g
distance  OP=?(x2+y2)
              20/sin 60    =(2u2 tan ? sec ?)/g
                                 =(2u2 tan 60 sec 60)/g
by solving the above equation we can get the value of u=10/?3 m/s

Answered by  | 11th May, 2012, 10:05: PM

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