Basically what are the points we need to remember in Planck's Quantum theory?

Asked by Kalita Padmanath | 27th Jun, 2016, 01:48: PM

Expert Answer:

Max Plank in 1901 , gave a new revolutionary theory known as Quantum theory of radiation.
Main features of this theory are :
1. Radiant energy is not emitted or absorbed continuously but discontinuously in the form of small packets of energy called Quanta.
Each quanta is associated with a definite amount of energy.
2. E is directly proportional to frequency of light,         
E=hv   where h is known as planks constant.  h= 6.63x10-34 Js       
3.  The total amount of energy emitted or absorbed by the body will be some whole no. multiple of quantum,
i.e,  E=nhv , where n is an integer such as 1, 2, 3, ....
Since, the frequency ν, wavelength λ, and speed of light c are related by λν = c, the Planck relation for a photon can also be expressed as  
E space equals space fraction numerator h c over denominator lambda end fraction
The above equation leads to another relationship involving the Planck constant.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 27th Jun, 2016, 04:25: PM