B. Given below is the result of a certain experiment containing 4 testubes filled with:-
Testube A - pond water and then kept in sunlight.
Testube B - pond weed and water snail at 25 degree Celsius. 
Testube C - pond weed at 8 degree Celsius.
Testube D - pond weed and testube was wrapped in aluminium foil at 25 degree Celsius. 
1. Which of the testube  produce maximum oxygen? 
2. Which of the testube produce minimum oxygen? 
3. What does this experiment show about the effect of light and temperature on the rate of photosynthesis?

Asked by saketagarwal.dbl | 22nd Apr, 2017, 11:12: AM

Expert Answer:

1. Test tube A will produce more oxygen as there will be no algal growth which will hinder the amount of light as in other three test tubes.
2. Test tube D will produce minimum oxygen because aluminum foil will prevent light from passing through itself.
3. This experiment shows that the rate of photosynthesis doubles with light intensity and the temperature (no control on the temperature in the experiment as it is directly exposed to sunlight). Similarly, the rate of photosynthesis decreases when aluminum foil is wrapped preventing the sunlight to enter  and there is a limit to temperature too.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 24th Apr, 2017, 07:51: AM