As you told in your video that moon has a good velocity which allows the moon to revolute around the Earth,but what causes this revolution and rotation????????

Asked by Karandeep Singh | 7th Nov, 2014, 11:45: PM

Expert Answer:

The gravitational attraction of earth on moon provides the necessary centripetal force to the moon for its orbital motion around the earth. Due to this moon is revolving around the earth.It is the gravitational force between the earth and moon  that makes moon revolve at uniform speed around the earth.
Spinning of moon can be understood from the formation of solar system.Billions of years ago, solar system was formed from a vast cloud of dust and gases. The cloud on collapsing gave rise to a giant disk that rotated faster and faster resulting in the formation of the sun at the center and the remaining spinning disk aggregated together to form all the planets, moons, asteroids etc. These clumps of matter continued spinning after colliding and strikking upon each other.This causes the rotation of moon.

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 10th Nov, 2014, 11:21: AM