as we know that when salt is sprinkled on ice,it melts. But how does this happen? What is the cause of it?How does the melting point of ice decreases in this method?

Asked by ABHINAV SHARMA | 20th Nov, 2012, 10:58: AM

Expert Answer:

Ice consists of water molecules locked in a crystalline structure. Liquid water consists of free water molecules randomly moving around in all directions . The salt dissolves into the liquid water in the iceand lowers its freezing point.
When salt is added we need to remember that as ice molecules melt they absorb energy from the mixture by causing the water molecules to slow down.
we all know it takes energy to melt ice. Normally we do this by adding heat. But, in the water/ice/salt situation the only source of heat (or energy) to melt the ice is the kinetic energy stored in the water and ice mixture itself.

Answered by  | 20th Nov, 2012, 04:46: PM

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