Area of an regular surface is measured by

Asked by Vijaysrivastava881 | 3rd May, 2019, 07:32: AM

Expert Answer:

The easiest way to measure the area of any shape is by using graph paper. 
Place the surface on the graph paper and draw its outline. Now, count the total number of squares of graph occupied by the outline of the surface. 
Total number of squares occupied = Area of surface (in cm2)
For regular surface, if we know the measurement of sides of the surface or diameter/radius of circle, then by substituting values in formula of area of given shape, the area can be calculated. 
For example,
Area of square = (side)2 
Area of circle = ∏r2 
Also, area is measured in m2 or cm2 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 3rd May, 2019, 12:30: PM