Are you in favour of apartheid system or against it? Why? Give sufficient reasons. (3mrk)

Asked by Kanhaiya | 27th Sep, 2015, 09:25: AM

Expert Answer:

Apartheid refers to the racial discrimination made on the basis of the colour of skin. This policy was followed in South Africa where the government comprising of the ‘whites’ followed the policy of apartheid in which the natives called as ‘blacks’ and the coloured (people of mixed races and Indians) were treated as inferiors.

Iam not in favour of the apartheid system as it makes discrimination among people on the basis of colour. Apartheid denies the principle of equality and justice to the ‘blacks’ and the people of mixed race. Non whites in South Africa also did not had the right to vote. The blacks and the coloured people could not live in the areas inhabited by the whites. They could work in these areas only if they had the permit to work in the white areas. Swimming pools, libraries, cinema halls, beaches and colleges were all separate for the whites and the blacks. The coloured and the blacks could not even enter into churches that were reserved for the whites

Thus, the policy of apartheid aims at denying economic, political, religious and social equality to the ‘non whites’.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 28th Sep, 2015, 11:44: AM

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