Are sectional interest groups and public interest groups one of the types of pressure groups?
If no then under which type of groups do they come AND if yes then please give me an example of each!

Asked by Devika Kulkarni | 5th Mar, 2015, 06:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Both- the public interest groups and sectional interest groups are the types of pressure groups as they exert pressure over the government by holding rallies and protests to accept their demands. However, there is difference between both groups. While the sectional interest groups seek to promote interest of only one section of the society, the public interest groups seek to promote interest of society in general. The latter usually seeks to achieve equality and rights for the people living in the society.

Sectional groups aim at achieving the demands and betterment of only one section of the society. For example, railway employees may come together to form one group and may demand better pay, housing facilities, travel allowances etc. This is a sectional interest group as it only aims at promoting interests of the railway employees and not of the society as a whole.

The public interest group aims at achieving collective good of the society. For example, FEDECOR seek to reduce water prices in Bolivia which benefitted the society at a large.

One example of the sectional group is India Netherlands Business Association.

One example of the public interest group is BAMCEF (Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation as it aims at promoting the interests of the people belonging to lower caste and thus deal with ideals of social justice and social equality in the society.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 15th Mar, 2016, 12:34: PM

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