any demonstration for accelerator

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 Particle accelerator
is a device that uses electric fields to propel electrically-charged particles to high speeds and to contain them. An ordinary CRT television set is a simple form of accelerator. There are two basic types: linear accelerators and circular accelerators.

Linear particle accelerators
Main article: Linear particle accelerator
In a linear accelerator (linac), particles are accelerated in a straight line with a target of interest at one end. Linacs are very widely used - every cathode ray tube contains one. Linear accelerators are also widely used in medicine, for radiotherapy and radiosurgery. . 

Circular or cyclic accelerators
In the circular accelerator, particles move in a circle until they reach sufficient energy. The particle track is typically bent into a circle using electromagnets. The advantage of circular accelerators over linear accelerators (linacs) is that the ring topology allows continuous acceleration,

 circular accelerators suffer a disadvantage in that the particles emit synchrotron radiation. When any charged particle is accelerated, it emits electromagnetic radiation and secondary emissions.

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