Answer the following questions a)why does a truck or a motor bus has much wider tyres? b)Why the cutting edge of a knife should be as sharp as possible? c)Explain why iron nail sinks in water but a ship made of iron floats

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Expert Answer:

a) The wider the tire the harder it is to tip over at a reasonable speed. The wide footprint with a vehicle with a higher payload balance keeps the truck stable on a turn. b) The sharp edge is a thin edge will apply very high force per unit of area, splitting the material being cut. c) To float on water, an object must have a density less than that of water. A piece of iron is solid, and has a density greater than that of water. A ship has a thin layer of iron on the outside with an air pocket in the middle, decreasing the overall density of the ship enough to be less than that of water, allowing it to float. A solid piece of iron in a ship shape would not float.

Answered by  | 3rd Feb, 2012, 11:16: PM

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