Answer the following giving reasons:
1.         Differentiate between:
1) Ionisation and Dissociation
2)Dissociation and Decomposition
3) Ionisation and Dissociation and Decomposition
2 .      Do Ionic compounds ionise in water or dissociate in water ?
          Do Polar Covalent compounds ionise in water or dissociate in water ?

Asked by rickykumar00001 | 12th Jun, 2015, 12:24: PM

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Answer to your first question is given below:



It is the separations of ions that already exist before dissolving in water.

It involves the production of new ions, specifically hydrogen ions.

In dissociation, the force comes from outside the atom and is the interaction between two or more compounds.

In ionization, the force comes from within the atom.


It is a reversible reaction.

It is generally irreversible reaction.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 14th Jun, 2015, 01:53: PM