Answer the following:- a)features of cryptogams and phanerogams b)differences between cryptogams and phanerogams c)process of spore formation

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Expert Answer:

a) Cryptogams are plants whose reproductive organs are very inconspicuous. They include thallophytes (plants with ndifferentiated body), bryophytes (plants showing differentiated body but without vascular system) and pteridophytes (plants with well-differentiated body and well-developed vascular system). These plants do not bear seeds or flowers.
b) Phanerogams - These are plants with well-differentiated reproductive tissues that ultimately make seeds. The plant body is differentiated into root, stem and leaves. Also they possess well-developed vascular system. They include gymnosperms and angiosperms.




These are plants with inconspicuous reproductive tissues

These are plants with well-differentiated reproductive tissues

They do not produce seeds

These plants produce seeds.

They include thallophytes, bryophytes and pteridophytes.

They include gymnosperms and angiosperms

Some cryptogams show vascular system while others do not.

All phanerogams show well-developed vascular system.



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