analyze the need to spread awareness about the importance of sustainable development and suggest how it can be achieved

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Sustainable development refers to human development where resources are used for satisfying human needs without causing any harm to the surrounding environment and without compromising the needs of future generations. It is essential for economic development as we have limited quantity of resources. First, the development and growth of the country will be hampered if the present limited resources are totally exhausted. Second, the exhaustion of natural resources will endanger the lives of humans and many species if we do not follow the principle of sustainable development. Example: If water is over utilised and wasted, then it will not be replenished by the rains. We also need to keep a stock of natural resources for future use.
Measures to achieve sustainable development in India:
         i.   Measures to control population: The government initiated measures to control birth and created awareness among the people to protect the environment. Thus, they attempted to control the increased population to a level within the carrying capacity of the environment.
       ii.   Organic farming: Excessive use of chemical fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides has increased their production but there was loss in soil fertility. This implies the loss in the production capacity for future years. There is need for organic farming which maintains soil health with sustained productivity.
     iii.     Use of non-conventional sources of energy: The use of non-renewable resources should deplete at a rate not exceeding the rate of creation of renewable substitutes.
     iv.     Segregation of waste: First, non-hazardous wastes are separated from hazardous wastes rather than dumping them together. Then a small amount of hazardous waste can be treated and a large amount of non-hazardous waste can be destroyed by traditional methods.

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