An object is placed exactly midway between a convex and concave mirror each of focal length 15 cm. The two mirror are placed 60 cm apart and the two mirrors face each other. Find the nature and position of the image formed by reflection first at convex and then at the concave mirror .

Asked by Kamaljit Singh | 10th Oct, 2012, 06:53: PM

Expert Answer:

since in case of spherical mirrors, the focal length is half of radius of curvature, so the object is at the radius of curvature of mirrors.
thus the cnvex mirror will form  a virtual image of the object at the distance of radius of curvature of mirror behind the mirror.
SO and in the other case, the image is formed just below the object itself due to the concave mirror.

Answered by  | 12th Oct, 2012, 09:46: PM

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