An object is placed at a distance of 19cm from a diverging mirror of focal length 15cm.Find the position and nature of the image.

Asked by amar chandniranjan | 29th Nov, 2014, 01:13: PM

Expert Answer:

Distance of the object from the diverging mirror, u = - 19 cm
Focal length of the diverging mirror, f = 15 cm
Distance of the image from the mirror , v = ?
begin mathsize 14px style According space to space mirror space formula : 1 over straight v plus 1 over straight u equals 1 over straight f 1 over straight v equals 1 over straight f minus 1 over straight u 1 over straight v equals 1 over 15 minus fraction numerator 1 over denominator minus 19 end fraction 1 over straight v equals 1 over 15 plus 1 over 19 straight v equals fraction numerator 15 cross times 19 over denominator 15 plus 19 end fraction space space equals 8.4 space cm end style
This indicates that the image is formed 8.4 cm behind the mirror .Hence the image formed will be virtual and erect.It will be smaller in size than the object.

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 1st Dec, 2014, 09:09: AM

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