An isosceles triangle is inscribed in a circle. If AB=AC=12root5 cm and BC=24 cm, find the radius of the circle 

Asked by adityaahuja099 | 2nd Dec, 2017, 09:26: AM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style Triangle space is space inside space the space circle
so space in space increment ABC
AB equals AC equals 12 square root of 5
BC equals 24 space cm space
in space isoceles space increment space perpendicular space bisector space and space altitude space coincides
increment ABD
AB equals 12 square root of 5
BD equals 12 space cm bold space
apply space pythagoras space to space find space AD
increment BOD
BO squared equals BD squared plus OD squared
BO equals straight r
OD equals AD minus straight r
sub space and space find space ans

end style

Answered by Arun | 2nd Dec, 2017, 04:04: PM