An ice cube of relative density 0.9 floats partly in water and partly in kerosene oil of density 0.8. Find the ratio of fraction of cube in water and kersene oil.

Asked by rajneesh kumar | 5th Nov, 2013, 02:47: PM

Expert Answer:

Relative density of ice is 0.9. The density of water is 1.
Hence, the density of ice is 0.9.
Hence, ice floats on water with 90% of its volume below water.
Now, ice is denser than kerosene. Hence, it will completely submerge in kerosene.
Hence, the ratio of fraction of ice cube in water to kerosene is 90%/100% = 0.9.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 7th Nov, 2013, 02:46: PM

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