An empty cylindrical container of radius 7m and height 10m is covered by a conical cap of radius 10.5m and height 9m. Calculate the volume of the air trapped inside

Asked by shouvik dutta | 28th Jan, 2014, 06:34: PM

Expert Answer:

Vol of air = Vol of cylinder + Vol of cone Now, Volume of cylindrical container = pi x r x r x h =(22/7)x7x7x10 =1540mcube Volume of conical cap = (1/3) x pi x r x r x h = (1/3) x (22/7)x10.5x10.5x9 = 1039.5mcube Vol of the air trapped inside = 1540 + 1039.5 = 2579.5mcube

Answered by  | 29th Jan, 2014, 04:38: PM

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