An analysis of aluminum sulfate revealed that its copper contained 0.0774 mole sulfate ions.  So find the aluminum moles present in this sample.

Asked by nisarg4248 | 29th Aug, 2019, 10:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Moles of SO4 ions in aluminium sulphate = 0.0774 mole
The molecular formula of aluminium sulphate is Al2(SO4)3 
On dissociation:
Al2(SO4)3 → 2Al3+  +  3SO42−
Therefore 2 moles of Al3+ combines with 3 moles of SO42− ions.
So, 0.0774 mols of SO42− ions will contain
equals space fraction numerator 0.07746 cross times 2 over denominator 3 end fraction

equals 0.516 space moles space of space Al to the power of 3 plus end exponent space
Moles of aluminium are 0.516 mole

Answered by Varsha | 30th Aug, 2019, 03:17: PM