an aeroplane is flying horizontally at a height of 500m with velocity of 72km/hr over a area. food packets are dropped for what horizontal distance from the place should the food packets be released from the plane so as to reach the intended place

Asked by manvendra singh | 19th Nov, 2013, 09:44: PM

Expert Answer:

When the food packets are released from the plane, it would have initial velosity same as the velosity of plane.
Motion of the body would be in two dimensions. In the vertical direction due to gravity and in the horizontal direction due to its initial velosity.
Initial velosity in the horizontal direction = ux = 72 km/hr
                                                                = 20 m/s
Initial velosity in the vertical direction is =uy = 0 m/s
Let's assume there is no effect of wind and air drag force.
Now, considering the vertical motion alone,
Time taken by the food packet to reach the ground is given by,
(Taking g = 10 m/s)
In the horizontal direction the packet is moving with uniform velocity. Hence, the acceleration is zero in horizontal direction.
Let X be the horizontal distance travelled by the packet in time t = 10 sec to reach the ground.
Thus, the food packets should be released from the distance 200 m to reach the intended place.

Answered by Komal Parmar | 20th Nov, 2013, 11:41: AM

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