Always remember that covalent is always formed betweeen non metal and non metal. Is this true

Asked by 2806rahul | 23rd Oct, 2010, 11:16: AM

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No, this fact is not always true.
Covalent bonding most frequently occurs between atoms with similar (high) electronegativities, where to completely remove an electron from one atom requires too much energy.Covalent bonds are more common between non-metals (whereas ionic bonding is more common between a metal atom and a non-metal atom). But this fact is not always true.
Ferriic oxide has covalent bond between Fe and O;
Grignard reagents is an example. In diethyl ether, methylmagnesium iodide is a tetrahedral molecular compound, not an ionic complex, with CH3-, I-, and two ether groups bound to the Mg centre. It's a polar covalent Mg-C bond.
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