alpha particles are heavier than protons so only few deflections occured in the gold leaf experiment.explain the particular doubt is if alpha particles are heavier than protons how it cause little deflections.

Asked by Gayathri C | 27th Jan, 2014, 06:45: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Gayathri,
If something is moving and if it is subjected to a sideways force, instead of moving in a straight line, it will move in a curve - deflected out of its original path by the sideways force.
The amount of deflection  for a given sideways force depends on the mass of the object. The heavier the object, the lesser is the deflection.
As the alpha particles are heavier, hence they deflect to a  lesser extent than the other particles.

Topperlearning Team.

Answered by  | 7th Apr, 2014, 01:06: PM

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