Air is required for burning .there is no air in space.So how is the sun a burning ball of gases how are the gases burning if there is no air and what ignited it .it is said that solar energy is inexhaustable but woudnt the fuel of the sun (gas) be ever finished ?

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The source of solar energy is nuclear fusion reaction taking place in sun.
Fusion means joining lighter nuclei to make a heavier nucleus, most commonly
hydrogen or hydrogen isotopes to create helium,

It releases a tremendous amount of energy, according to the Einstein equation, as the mass of the product is little less than the sum of the masses of the original individual nuclei.
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Such nuclear fusion reactions are the source of energy in the Sun and other stars. It takes considerable energy to force the nuclei to fuse. The conditions needed for this process are extreme – millions of degrees of temperature and millions of pascals of pressure. 

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