after lightning the earth absorbs all the electrons so does it change the earth's net charge and can we use this charge again from earth?

Asked by bosesreyan | 26th Apr, 2015, 07:11: PM

Expert Answer:

After lightning strikes the ground or is dicharged through lightning rods, the electrons are absorbed by the Earth.
This would make the Earth a bit negatively charged. However, the Earth can absorb these electrons easily as there are a large number of atoms in it. 
Hence, adding a few more electrons to it will not affect the charge density of Earth to a large extent. It almost remains constant.
Using the charge again from Earth will not be feasible as it gets dissipated inside the Earth quickly. The excess energy would be impossible to tap as the time scale is very short, and also the machinery required to do this would be tremendously costly.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 27th Apr, 2015, 03:37: PM