According to your test,transverse waves can't travel in liquids.why?

Asked by Vidhi Malik | 29th Nov, 2010, 09:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
A trnasverse wave can travel through liquids, gases.
A transverse wave needs something to produce a restoring force in the transverse direction, since transverse displacement and return are the basis of these waves. For a taut string the restoring force derives from the tensile elasticity of the string.  The reason you can't set up a transverse wave in a fluid is that common fluids have neither tensile nor shear elasticity. There are fluids  that may carry transverse waves but these are exceptional.
Since transverse waves are:
seismic wave
electromagnetic wave,
visible light
An oscillating string

their mediums will be transparent or translucent material medium, like glass or air
Hope this helps.
Thanking you

Answered by  | 29th Nov, 2010, 10:15: PM

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