According to VSEPR principle in which molecule is the highest bond distortion observed ? 

a) NH3

b) H2O

c) O3

d) SO2

Asked by drbharatkaila | 25th Nov, 2018, 06:28: PM

Expert Answer:

As we have given, O3 and SO2 both are sp2 hybridized have trigonal planner structure and have 120º bond angle hence distortion is not observed.

In the case of NH3 and H2O, both are distorted tetrahedral structures. distortion occurs because of the more electronegative atom Nitrogen and oxygen respectively.

As we know the bond angle of the tetrahedral structure is 109.5° but it gets distorted when an electronegative atom is the part of the molecule.

In the case of NH3 it distorted to 107° while in H2O it is 104.5°.

Hence option B is the correct, water has the highest bond distortion observed.

Answered by Ramandeep | 26th Nov, 2018, 11:53: AM