According to theorm 7 rational number is p/q where q is multiple of 2 or 5 or both hence 2/3 is irrational????


Asked by kareemusama | 18th Jul, 2019, 09:14: PM

Expert Answer:

Let x = begin mathsize 16px style straight p over straight q end style be a rational number, such that the prime factoristaion of q is not of the form 2n5m , where n, m are non - nagative integeres. Then, x has a decimal expansion which is non - terminating repeating (recurring).
begin mathsize 16px style 2 over 3 end style is a Rational Number and its decima Exanpsion is non - terminating repeating (recurring).

Answered by Yasmeen Khan | 19th Jul, 2019, 02:15: PM