AC Supply Wiring

Asked by Jyothirmayi | 6th Oct, 2009, 01:15: PM

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Dear Jyothi

There seems to misinterpretation about the domestic supply AC Current flow.

AC corresponds to the charges oscillating through a closed circuit at a certain frequency.

A live wire & neutral wire are part of same circuit with a potential difference of about 220 V (in India) between them with electrical appliance (as a load resistor) in between them. The existence of electrical appliance between the two wires ensures that current through the circuit does not exceed permissible limit say, either 5A or 15 A. In case live & neutral wire come in contact with each other, the load resistor is zero, hence there will be sudden increase in the current flow whihc is beyond the permissible limit. Such condition is called short circuiting.

Earth wire is connected to the metal appliance. In case of any current leakage to the appliance then the erath wire provides the low resistance path for the leaked current to flow out. This avoids the person touching the current to pass through the person. This is case of grounding the appliance.

TOPPER hopes that your misconception related to AC current flow through live & neutral wire is resolved.

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