About the "Image Formation By CONVEX MIRRORS" or the Ray Diagrams

Asked by Ryan Mathew | 23rd Nov, 2013, 11:39: AM

Expert Answer:

There are four rules that we always consider to draw a ray diagram.
Rule 1: A ray of light parallel to the principal axis, after reflection appears to diverge from principal focus of a convex mirror.
Remember that parallel ray goes to focus.
Rule 2: A ray which is directed towards the principal focus of a convex mirror emerges parallel to the principal axis of the mirror after reflection.
Remember that ray towards focus goes parallel.
Rule 3: A ray of light directed in the direction of centre of curvature of a convex mirror is reflected back along the same path after reflection.
Remember that ray to centre comes back.
Rule 4: A ray of light incident obliquely towards the pole of mirror is reflected obliquely as per the laws of reflection.
Remember ray to pole reflects back.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 26th Nov, 2013, 11:23: AM

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