Aarushi's mother always squeezes water from wet clothes in the spinner of washing machine and then uses it to clean the floor. (a)write the principle of the technique used in the above mentioned process. (b)write one more application of this technique. (c)what do you learn from aarushi's mother?

Asked by Bachittar Singh | 14th Nov, 2013, 06:29: PM

Expert Answer:

a. Spinner of washing machine works on the principle of Centrifugation. In this process, the spinner is spun rapidly with great speed which helps to separate the water particles from the wet clothes.

b. Centrifugation process is used for separation of cream from curd.

c. Aarushi's mother is saving a good amount of water by reusing water from wet clothes in spinner of the machine for cleaning purposes.  

Answered by Karishma Kapoor | 18th Nov, 2013, 11:54: AM

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