A woman walking in high heels can damage a hardwood floor by making small dimples in the floor since her weight is concentrated on such a small area (the tip of the high heel). If the woman weighs 60N and the tip of the high heel is 2 sq. cm, what will be the pressure exerted on the floor by her high heel?

Asked by Nivedha Menon | 25th Oct, 2013, 02:14: PM

Expert Answer:

Weight of woman = W = F = 60 N.
Area of tip of heel is A = 2 cm2 = 2 × 10-4 m2.
Pressure is ratio of force to the area.
Thus, the pressure exerted on floor by the woman is

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 25th Oct, 2013, 04:19: PM

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