(a) What is a simple pendulum? Define the time-period of a simple pendulum.

(b) State whether the following statement is true or false:

The time-period of a given pendulum is not constant.

(c) In an experiment to measure the time-period of a simple pendulum, the time for 20 complete oscillations was found to be 36 s. What is the time-period of this pendulum?

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Expert Answer:

(a) A simple pendulum consists of a small metal ball (called bob) suspended by a long thread from a rigid support, such that the bob is free to swing back and forth.

The time period of a simple pendulum is the time taken by the pendulum bob to make one complete oscillation.

(b) False

(c) Time for 20 complete oscillations = 36 s

Time fo 1 complete oscillation = 36/20 = 1.8 s

So, time period of the pendulum = 1.8 s

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