A trolley of mass 300 kg carrying a sandbag of 25kg is moving uniformly with a speed of 27 km/hr on a frictionless track.After a while,sand starts leaking out of a hole on the floor of the trolley at the rate of 0.05 kg per second.What is the speed of the trolley after the entire sandbag is empty?

Asked by sudipt.kumar | 9th Oct, 2010, 11:37: AM

Expert Answer:

since the hole is on the floor , that means sand is falling vertically with respect to trolly.Therefore there is no force in horizontal direction hence in horizontal direction momentum is conserved.
Let M -> mass of trolley (given)
     m ->mass of sandbag (given)
     v1 -> initial velocity (given)
and v2 -> final velocity ( to be found)
put the values and get the answer

Answered by  | 9th Oct, 2010, 01:30: PM

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