A train 100 m long travelling at 40 m/s,overtakes another train 200 m long travelling at 30 m/s.Find the time taken by the first train to overtake the second train ?

Asked by gpnkumar0 | 27th Jun, 2016, 08:36: PM

Expert Answer:

Relative velocity of overtaking is the difference of the speed with whihc the trains are moving. That is 
Relative velocity = 40 m/s - 30 m/s = 10 m/s

In order to overtake, the first train has to cover a distance of the sum of the lengths of both the train.
That is the total distance covered with this relative velocity during overtaking will be = 100 m + 200 m = 300 m

begin mathsize 12px style Time space taken equals fraction numerator 300 space straight m over denominator 10 space straight m divided by straight s end fraction equals 30 space straight s end style

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 28th Jun, 2016, 11:47: AM