A trader bought a number of glass plates for Rs.2700. Five plates were damaged during transaction he sold each of remaining plate at Rs.6 more than to what he paid for it. He earned a profit of Rs.240 on whole transaction. Find the number of glass plates he purchased. Which value of trader is depicted in the question?

Asked by Kaustubh Punit | 11th Feb, 2014, 11:53: AM

Expert Answer:

Let the total number of glass plates purchased by trader be a

Cost price of a plates = Rs. 2700

Thus, cost price of one plate = Rs (2700/a)

As five plates were damaged, the number of plates damaged by trader = (a – 5)

SP of (a-5) plates = 2700 + 240 = Rs. 2940

Thus, SP of each plate = Rs [2940/(a-5)]

Answered by  | 11th Feb, 2014, 05:09: PM

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