A teak wood log is cut first in the form of a cuboid of length 2.3 M width 0.75 M and of a certain thickness its volume is 1.104 metre cube how many rectangular planks of size 2 metre into 0.75 m into 0.04 m can be cut from the cuboid?

Asked by Faijan | 3rd Jan, 2018, 07:24: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style Let space the space thickness space of space the space wood space log space be space straight x space metres.
volume equals 1.104 space straight m cubed
rightwards double arrow 2 cross times 0.75 cross times straight x equals 1.104
rightwards double arrow straight x equals 0.64 space metre
Since space the space length space and space breadth space of space rectangular space plank space are space same space as space that space of space the space cuboid comma
Number space of space rectangular space planks equals fraction numerator Thickness space of space cuboid over denominator Thickness space of space each space plank end fraction equals fraction numerator 0.64 over denominator 0.04 end fraction equals 16 end style

Answered by Rashmi Khot | 4th Jan, 2018, 03:38: PM