a student has to study the input and output characteristics of a n-p-n silicon transistor in the comman emitter configration. what kind of a circuit arrangement should he use for this purpose ? draw the typical shape of input characteristics likely to be obtained by him.what do we understand by cutofff ,active and saturation states of the transisstor? in which of these states does the transistoor not remaiin when being used as a switch?

Asked by Kb Aulakh | 6th Mar, 2015, 07:26: PM

Expert Answer:

The following circuit arrangement will be used to study the input and output characteristics.

The circuit is in common emitter configuration, the input is between the base and emitter and the output is between collector and emitter. The variation of the base current IB with the base-emitter voltage VBE is called input characteristics. The variation of the collector current IC with the collector- emitter voltage VCE is called output characteristics. 

The input characteristics is given as follows:

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Answered by Priyanka Kumbhar | 9th Mar, 2015, 12:15: PM