A straight copper conductor is held parallel to the axis of a freely suspended magnetic needle such that the conductor is under the needle and the current is flowing from south to north. In which direction the north of magnetic needle will move?Explain in detail.

Asked by SANDRA SAJI | 23rd Aug, 2016, 09:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Hans Oersted observed from his experiments that, when an electric current is passed through a conducting wire, a magnetic field is produced around it.
If a compass needle is placed in the vicinity of the current carrying wire, the needle of the compass is found to deflect in a definite direction.
If the compass needle is placed just above the conductor, the North Pole of the needle deflects towards East when the current is from South to North.
Here, A to B means South to North.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 25th Aug, 2016, 11:15: AM

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