a stone is thrown in a vertically opposite direction with a velocity of 5m/s.if the acceleraton of the stone during its motion is 10m per second square in the downward direction its motion, what will be the height attained by the stone and how much time will it take to reach there?

Asked by SHERIL SINGH | 4th Sep, 2010, 07:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Initial velocity, u = 5 m/s
Final velocity,   v = 0 m/s (stone will rise till its velocity is zero)
Acceleration,    a = -10 m/s2
             3rd eq of motion : v2 = u2 + 2as
                         gives       s   = 1.25 m
             2nd eq of motion:  v = u + at
                         gives         t = 0.5 s

Answered by  | 4th Sep, 2010, 11:14: PM

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