A square plate of side 'x'cm is 8mm thick if its volume is 2880 cm ³,find the value of '   x'

Asked by Mohd | 3rd Jan, 2018, 11:05: AM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style Since space it space is space straight a space square space plate comma space
rightwards double arrow length equals breadth equals straight x space cm
space Volume space of space the space plate equals length space cross times space breadth space cross times space height
Height equals 8 space mm equals 0.8 space cm
rightwards double arrow 2880 equals straight x squared space cross times 0.8
rightwards double arrow straight x squared equals fraction numerator 2880 over denominator 0.8 end fraction equals 3600
rightwards double arrow straight x equals 60 space cm end style

Answered by Rashmi Khot | 3rd Jan, 2018, 12:55: PM