a square loop of side 12 cm with its sides parallel to X and Y axis moves with velocity 8cm/sec in positive X-direction with magnetic field along positive Z-direction.the magnetic field increases by 0.001 tesla per cm as one moves negative Z direction and it decreases with time at the rate of 0.001 T/sec. determine induced emf in coil.

Asked by  | 12th Sep, 2012, 11:17: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the magnetic flux through the coil be: ? = B(0.12)2
The emf induced in the coil is equal to the rate of change of flux through the coil.
Since the coil moves in the positive X direction , along which there is no change in the magnetic field. as the magnetic field varies only along Z direction.
Thus the only flux produced will be due to the variation in magnetic field with time.
Thus emf induced = d?/dt = (0.12)2dB/dt
= (0.0144)(0.001) = 1.44 x 10-5V

Answered by  | 13th Sep, 2012, 12:38: AM

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