a sprinter in 200m race, covers 8m in the first second,60m in the next 4 sec, 104m in another 4 sec and finishes the race in 10 sec.

Asked by shweta mondal | 2nd Jun, 2013, 09:50: AM

Expert Answer:

a) total displacement = 200 m
    total time taken = 10 sec
    thus average velociy = 200/10 = 20m/s
b) velocities in each interval:
     1.  8/1 = 8 m/s
     2. 60/4 = 15 m/s
     3. 104/4 = 21.25 m/s
     4. 28/1  = 28 m/s
    thus peak velocity is in 4th time interval.
rest of the parts of the qustion are self explainatory
as far as calculation of acceleration is concerned, it cant be calculated as the time taken to increase the velocity is not given and also this is the reason that its velocity time curve will be discontinuous as only displacement covered in time intervals is given and thus the velocities calculated here are average velocities.

Answered by  | 2nd Jun, 2013, 10:45: AM

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