A sphere and a cone of height 'h' have the same radius and same volume, then r:h is
a) 4:1
How to solve this question?

Asked by Madhuchhanda Chakraborty | 6th Nov, 2014, 10:11: AM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 14px style V o l u m e space o f space s p h e r e space h a v i n g space r a d i u s space r space i s space 4 over 3 πr cubed. straight V straight o straight l straight u straight m straight e space straight o straight f space cone space straight h straight a straight v straight i straight n straight g space straight r straight a straight d straight i straight u straight s space straight r space and space height space straight h space straight i straight s space πr squared straight h over 3.  It space is space given space that space the space volume space of space sphere space and space cone space are space same. rightwards double arrow space 4 over 3 πr cubed equals πr squared straight h over 3 rightwards double arrow 4 straight r equals straight h rightwards double arrow straight r over straight h equals 1 fourth  The space ratio space straight r : straight h space is space 1 : 4. end style

Answered by Vijaykumar Wani | 6th Nov, 2014, 10:47: AM

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